Among the field of thorns, she was the rose.

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A rose. It is beautiful and indeed perfect with its shape, color, and fragrance. But behind perfection, is the thorns. A thorn represents faulty and vulnerability. Not everything is actually perfect without its faultiness. Meaning, perfections and imperfections comes together; imperfections makes perfection perfect.

I got my ever first employment last December. As a total newbie, I have to adjust well in new systems I entered in. System on how the work is done, system on how to relate with new people, with my boss, colleague, clients, and with bunch of people,etc. I can say that they are so brilliant, smart people, and expert peoples. It was really hard to adjust into new systems and to tag along with them, because of that I have drawn myself to seek perfections and thus, when I do something faulty, it makes me so sad and comes to not to appreciate who I am actually, the things I did the best, I did not appreciate every little thing and finds every I do as nothing and worthless. I been so doomed about myself, and started to do my work as just nah nothing. I did not count the perfect things I’ve done and just count things  imperfectly done. This imperfect things I Did made me to not to appreciate myself and my works. One time, I told my dad what happen to me in my work, which is not so good experience. Then he said, “it’s okay. It is part of your experience.” It struck me with realization that all of my bad experience is part of good experiences. Sometimes, we just look and get doomed on the negative impact of the bad things happen to us and try to tag along with it. But actually it molds us to be imperfectly perfect.

A rose is beautiful with its thorn. Among all of imperfections, remember that we are enough and wonderful.




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