sweet 16





Past years are done just like the feelings are gone but never gonna miss the unending fun. Almost we’re in the first mid week of this year yet I still have the “festive hangover” also, still got no plan on how’s my new year going to be rad.

People always make that new-year’s-resolution-thing yet none (or some) of it doesn’t happen and apparently became yearly resolution. Sounds true right? It happened to me, just like those “people” who always do it, but I’ve come to point that it does not make sense at all, you know hey! Like it doesn’t, because nothing truly happens to it because there are things that we-couldn’t-change and I have accepted that. But ironically, change is always constant. Yes. Change is the only constant thing on universe. But how about the things we-couldn’t-change? Are this universal fact have something to say about this? Well basically, YES. WE CAN CHANGE THE THINGS WE THOUGHT WE COULDN’T CHANGE BY OUR DECISIONS. Our decisions in life matters and determine where we are now and who we are now. If we say that we can’t move on, so we should move. If we say we can’t do it, so we should do it. If we say we can’t reach it, reach it! To change for the better, we should make our decisions better; and to do that, we should make decisions according to the will our God. To have a better life, we make things out of the will of God as we hope for better things. And how do we know the will of God? It is by reading His words and praying.

Remember that we can only have a better life if we have a better decisions. Decisions that are patterned to the plans of The One who holds everything, our God.

Hoping for a sweet 2016! xx

“Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and he will establish your plans.” Proverbs 16:3 NIV


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