Beautiful Soul







Born in 1996, living in Manila. Simply sassy and colorful life,some people call me happiness. I worship, I lead, I love Jesus. I paint on my very free time but I would rather write than to paint. My friends don’t actually believe me when I said I write but yes, definitely I love to write, I have a mustache notebook, where I write my thoughts, aspirations, dreams, or anything pops up on my head. I am addicted to music, sometimes I dance but I’d rather choose singing. I have two bands, I play drums a bit, and now I am learning to play keys. Technically this is me, and welcome to my world.

And yes, I am going to start up a blog (again). Hope so, this will be succesful (help me!! Haha). But basically, this blog is not about my self. I am starting to blog because of three reasons: first, as I’ve said, I love to write and this will be my virtual mustache notebook where I can put all my thoughts. Second, I really want to inspire and encourage people, I want to add some colours and motivated someone, I want to share the truth I know and kill the wolves (wolf in biblical term means disguised enemies that hunt in a time of darkness). Lastly, I want adventure,to widen my perspective and encounter the wonderful world of blogging, I want to learn, I want to see and experience new things. Basically, this little page will be for me and my readers.

welcome to my little page, and i hope you will enjoy every little, weird, and quirky posts here. See you on my next post 🌼


Saleah Joy Uclusin



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